Dapper Dough

A cryptocurrency reward program, on its way to you.


What is Dapper Dough?

Conventional loyalty programs reward its frequent customers using a form of points, coupons, or merchandise, maybe even a combo of all three, but lack in many areas. Most current programs require a certain number of points to be obtained before being able to be redeemed and only allow those points to be used where they were earned. Dapper Dough is different. With your dough, you can control when and even where you use it. From the first Dapper Dough you earn you can start spending (or begin trading in a cryptocurrency exchange, but we'll get into that). On top of that, you don’t even have to drop your dough on our site, it can be swapped for other retailers' tokens that participate in the iReward system (we'll also tell you more about that in just a second).


How does Dapper Dough work?

Sounds pretty cool so far, right? Well here's how it works: For every $10 spent you'll receive one Dapper Dough token equaling $1. Dapper Dough can also be earned by providing feedback on surveys, social media engagement, on special occasions such as birthdays, during contests and giveaways and much more. All the Dapper Dough you earn will be kept securely in a cryptocurrency wallet. This digital wallet is a safe holding place for your Dapper Dough, and allows you to send and/or receive cryptocurrency as well as monitor your reward balance. Awesome part about this wallet is that you can store all rewards earned from any retailer on the iReward system all in one place.


How can Dapper Dough be exchanged?

Like we've mentioned (more than enough I'm sure), Dapper Dough is a cryptocurrency token that is part of the iReward system. That means you can swap your dough for other merchant's tokens as long as they participate in the iReward system. This allows you to use what you've earned with us at other retailers and vice versa. Or, if you'd like to dabble in the world of cryptocurrency trading, you have the ability to grow your tokens by trading them in a cryptocurrency exchange. We want to give our customer a real world reward value, that's why we ditched traditional reward system ideas and decided to build our token within the iReward system.

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